Vicar Job Posting for Christ the King, Grover Beach, California

Our Mission Statement:

To spread the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ, the love of God and the beauty of the Anglican faith throughout the central coast of California.

Our Vision Statement:

To build Christ the King Anglican Churchs presence in the central coast of California, spreading the gospel to our community, bringing the Gospel alive as the primary means to attract believers, providing Christian education through a school for elementary and secondary level youth, and increasing mission activity in the community. 

Parish Profile

Who we are:

We are a Mission belonging to The Reformed Episcopal Church (REC), part of the Anglican Church of North America.  Currently, Fr. Brian Foos, Vicar of St. Andrews Church, Chester, California, is serving as Vicar of our Mission, appointed by the Bishop of the Diocese of Mid-America. Were a traditional congregation with an average Sunday attendance of 25 and growing, and a strong love of traditional liturgy, using the 1928 Book of Common Prayer.  We have been well cared for by our Diocese with 2 or 3 visiting priests per month for the last year.  We have 4 Lay Readers who perform Morning Prayer on Sundays  and Wednesday Evening Prayer when we do not have a visiting priest.  Our church membership is diverse in age with young adults to senior citizens.  We are enlivened by the presence of children, and seek to include them in worship, education and inculcate them in faithfulness. Were hospitable, warm and welcoming.  Our Sunday potlucks are legendary.  Our congregation is very social.  Theres much love among us and we are known for our close, familial relationships, as we socialize, work with and care for each other.  Weekend bonfires at membershomes are a time of regular gathering and fellowship.  

Worship and Meetings:

Sunday service is at 10:30 AM. Evening Prayer every Wednesday at 7 PM. Mens study meetings generally on Mondays at 7 PM. 

Our Facilities:

We aspire to own our own worship and education facility and to provide a Vicarage for the parish priest.  Currently, we rent a store-front space in a small business plaza setting containing 4 or 5 businesses in a nice neighborhood.  We also sub-let our space to a Serenity Group and Alcoholics Anonymous during the week. This is a mission activity with cost-sharing benefits. 

Our Community:

Grover Beach, California is located on the beautiful central coast of California in San Luis Obispo County.  We reside in a safe, low crime area with seemingly endless opportunities for the family fun adventurer.  Grover Beachs population is 13,067, and it is one of the cities making up the “Five Cities” area, which includes Arroyo Grande (18,033), Pismo Beach (8,180) (a major beach and vacation destination which attracts many visitors from the nearby San Joaquin Valley), Oceano (7,260) and Shell Beach (now incorporated into Pismo Beach).  The two largest nearby cities are San Luis Obispo, (population 46,052) and Santa Maria (population 107,353), both within 20 miles from Grover Beach.  San Luis Obispo is home to 2 colleges: Cal Poly, a 4-year California State University noted for its business, agriculture, architecture, and engineering programs,  and Cuesta College, a 2-year community college with active vocational and arts programs. Santa Maria is the center of Americas vegetable and strawberry production.  It is also home to Allan Hancock College, which is a 2-year community college noted for its Performing Arts theatre and music programs. Our beautiful beaches, minutes away, are unique with opportunities to drive and walk on 20 miles of open beach and camp overnight. Minutes away from us are the California Coastal Mountains.  We live in wine country, and there are over 300 wineries located in San Luis Obispo and Santa Barbara counties.  The “Five Cities” area is home to many horse ranches, citrus and avocado groves and vineyards.  We are centrally located approximately midway between San Francisco (4 hours to the north) and Los Angeles (3 hours to the south).  We are also 75 miles north of Santa Barbara.  Our climate is exceptionally wonderful, with clean air, light population density and little traffic.  This is small town California and is often described as Californias secret garden spot. San Luis Obispo County is one of the more expensive counties in the state of California. 

Our Diocese:

We are members of The Diocese of Mid-America within the REC, whose cathedral church is located in Dallas, Texas, under the leadership of Bishop Ray Sutton, and Suffragan Bishop, Walter Banek. 

Vicar Profile:


We are a congregation seeking closeness to God through greater knowledge of scripture, church history, and the rich tradition of Anglicanism. We seek to use more fully the 1928 Book of Common Prayer in liturgical worship on Sunday and the Daily Office for weekly Morning and Evening Prayer and observance of the Feast Days.  We seek a Vicar who is experienced and knowledgeable in the Anglican Way, church traditions, a capacity to enliven the faith of parishioners in a compelling and relatable manner. Our Vicar should also be caring and have a pastoral heart, and a passion to share the Gospel and our faith.

Evangelism and Missions:

We seek a hard-working Vicar who will work alongside an equally hard-working Bishop’s Committee and congregation, reaching out to the surrounding community to spread the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ and to share the unique beauty of Anglicanism.


Ordination as an Anglican priest, a Master of Divinity at an REC recognized seminary, or our Bishop’s equivalent endorsement.


To apply, please email resume to

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